Saturday, May 1, 2010

TWFT: Argh! Lost Wallet!!

Hmmm this week's finance tip is a very practical one, with lessons learnt first-hand.

My boyfriend staggered home at 3am this morning after celebrating his new promotion, only to arrive by taxi at our building and discover he'd lost his wallet.

I awoke to his distraught phone call from the taxi, threw on a robe and trotted downstairs to pay the worried taxi driver.

The next 30 minutes were spent on the phone helping him cancel his credit cards and Octopus card (HK travel card - like the UK Oyster). Let's just say he wasn't very sober and needed help pressing the phone buttons...which explains how he lost his wallet!

What did I learn from this? Keep a list of your important finance details on hand for emergencies.

Something that has:
~ Account numbers
~ Emergency phone numbers (i.e. for lost cards)
~ Your ID numbers (i.e. passport, HK ID card)

Just the basics, nothing extensive.

And another tip - don't keep ALL of your credit cards in your wallet. If you don't use all of them all the time, keep one home for emergencies like this!

Hope you had a better week than this.

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